How to Invest in Marijuana Stocks

Investing in Marijuana Stocks

Investing in marijuana stocks of companies that grow and sell legal cannabis and hemp, and extract CBD oil extracted from cannabis offers the fast track to making money in today’s “Green Rush,” the fastest growing new industry today.

Cannabis is legal in more than half the countries in the world. The rest are considering it. By investing in marijuana stocks, you can earn much more, much faster, than with other stocks.

Sure, you’ll find other writers covering the cannabis industry. But how many of them have invested their entire life savings in cannabis stocks — and made a 40% gain in the first two months 2019, as I have done?

Find the best cannabis stocks and a strategy for creating a portfolio.

How to Invest in Cannabis Stocks:
My Exclusive Strategy and Plan

My exclusive strategy and plan for how to pick the right stocks could be your key to success. I’ll show you how to build a portfolio of cannabis stocks that is balanced and diversified, in terms of business models and regions.

The Cannabis Express points out the basic types of business models in the quickly evolving cannabis industry. Equally important, which US states and other countries generate the most money with these models. Learn to make the extreme volatility of the cannabis stock market your friend. How? By turning sudden drops in the market to buy quality stocks at a discount.

Long term investors typically buy and hold shares in the right marijuana and hemp companies for a year or longer. It is also possible to make money with swing trading at the same time, or to focus on swing trades.

Which Country will Dominate the Cannabis Industry

which does matter. I visited this country in 2017 for preliminary research. I will return in 2019 for an in-depth look at the individual companies. While there, I will examine their marijuana and hemp fields and CBD extraction facilities.

How to Research Cannabis Industry and Stocks

My bag of tricks automates much of the work in research and analysis. A certain amount of the job of investing in marijuana stocks still has to be done. This involves checking in on legitimate internet sites and blogs, legitimate analysts and other resources.

Timing your Trades

When to buy and sell is as important as finding and investing in marijuana stocks, those that can double or triple in value in a year, sometimes in a month. I will show you the techniques that have made me so much money and which I am using to make even more in the future.

All Aboard the Cannabis Express

This train is leaving the station. Individual investors stand to make the most money by investing in cannabis stocks in 2019 and 2020. Because the stocks you can buy today for under $20 will cost twice as much next year or sooner. Wait much longer, and you will only be able to buy half as many shares, and make half as much money as by getting started now.

But don’t get in too much of a rush. First get an overview of the industry and learn everything you need to know, and keep learning as the industry changes. And with the information, exclusive strategy, and techniques I present in these pages and blog posts, you can hit the fast track in no time. Join me on my quest to financial success and freedom as I continue to profit from this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Opening an Online Trading Account

You want a well-established online brokerage, not some app downloaded from the internet, such as Robinhood. (I tried to sign up for Robinhood in order to look over their tools, but they require that the account must first be funded. And they only offer margin accounts, so you can only invest half of the money you deposit in the account.

E*trade was the original online trading platform. Others include TDamerica, Fidelity and Schwab. Check their sites for current commissions. Robinhood does not charge commissions, one reason this app is so popular with millennials who are new to investing in stocks.

Most cannabis companies today are incorporated in Canada. Some later trade on Nasdaq or the New York Stock exchange as OTCs, and a few have uplisted to US exchanges. To get in on an IPO or reverse merger in a new Canadian stock, you need an online broker that can deal directly with the Canadian stock exchanges.

Funding your Account

The easy way is electronic transfer from your bank, which takes up to three days to clear. Wire transfers get the cash into your account immediately, so you’re ready to go.

More About Investing in Cannabis Stocks

A Strategy and Plan Research Stocks, Timing Watch Lists

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