About Shay Addams

I have written for High Times, CannabisNewsWire, Stone Age, and other cannabis-related magazines and websites. And possess extensive experience in the world of cannabis since the days of the original Panama Red and Colombian Gold. I even wrote a comic strip for High Times Lawrence of Colombia.

About Shay Addams

I also worked in the movement to legalize marijuana, organizing smoke-ins around the country. And co-founded Coalition for the Abolition of Marijuana Prohibition, one of the early pro-pot groups.

In the 1980s, I became one of the pioneer computer journalists. I edited Computer Games magazine in New York, published two newsletters, and wrote more than 20 books about computer entertainment for publishers such as Simon & Schuster, Compute Books, and IDG. And one about Mayan astrology.

Back in the Saddle

When the internet age dawned, I realized the market for computer game books was over, so I retired to Central America. With the arrival of the Cannabis Age, I have returned to writing. And have come full circle by writing about cannabis again.

I call the great state of Georgia home. But travel the world investigating cannabis farming, CBD extraction and the latest developments in this new industry that will transform the world even more than the railroads, airplanes, computers and internet.