What I Learned about Investing in Cannabis Stocks since December 2018

In my first seven months of investing in cannabis stocks, I have learned two things:
1) How to make a lot of money in a few months.
2) How to lose a lot of money in a few weeks.

A Winning Investment Strategy, and a Losing Lack of One

I began with a strategy to buy and hold the right under the radar stocks, doing my own due diligence. Building a balanced portfolio of cannabis stocks earning most of the revenue from three world regions, and operating different business models. Best example: getting in on Crecso Labs at $5.50 and selling at over $11. Worked great!

Investing in Cannabis Stocks

What Went Wrong with My Cannabis Stock Investing

In May, I started shooting from the hip, thinking I was a genius after such great success, and making big bets based on news without doing enough DD. After realizing my mistake, which is the hardest thing to do, I over corrected and became overly cautious; as a result, I missed several major opportunities. Despite #2, I am still ahead of the game. After learning these lessons the hard and expensive way, I anticipate doing even better in future.

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