Last Week’s Cannabis Stock News This Week

I chose a bad week to stop drinking. A convergence of events hit me hard right out of the gate on Monday: Earnings season was a disaster for most stocks, Wall Street’s dive exacerbated the downside move in cannabis stocks in a sympathy dive,  Khiron’s second cap raise in 90 days was a shock, Charlotte’s Web selling insiders’ stock to underwriters completely blindsided me, and TILT’s collapse was less than pleasant (but the big recovery on Friday gave me hope for this highly speculative stock).  

It could only have been worse for me if I had been holding CannaTrust. And next week, Aurora and Tilray report on Tuesday. I have ask, what genius scheduled these two to report on the same day?

Cannabis Stocks News

Solution? I started drinking again. And switched from Scotch to rum. And guess what? Friday was my first and only green day of the week. Cheers!

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