Halo Labs: Extraction Specialist in US Cannabis

In yesterday’s blog about extraction specialists in Canada as the newest trend in cannabis stocks, I mentioned Halo Labs. Didn’t take me long to discover that Halo operates in the United States, not Canada. Founded and based in Oregon, they currently have two major contracts, one reportedly with Harvest Health and Recreation. They recently reported US $3.1 million for the month of April, 2019. If they do as well in the next two months, that should add up to a lot of revenue for the first quarter.

Halo Lab Extraction

Halo Labs, Today and in the Future

According to the Halo Labs website, they handle four of the five main types of extraction; terpenes, which sell for a higher price than distillates, is the one they don’t do, at least at the moment. They have their own brands and also do white label packaging. Halo, in addition to serving 18 Oregon dispensaries, says they are currently expanding in Nevada and California.

Halo Labs’ stock is currently around fifty cents a share.

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