Presidential Candidates for Legal Marijuana

Presidential Candidates for Legal Marijuana

Almost all Democratic presidential candidates for the 2020 election support legalization of marijuana. And at least one Republican. Current President Trump says it should be up to the individual states, as do several candidates from both parties.

Not a single candidate is running on an anti-marijuana platform. Not one.

Voting for Marijuana in 2020

Sure there are more important issues on the table, especially health care. And most Americans say they won’t base their decision on a candidate on his or her stance on marijuana legalization, or on changing the federal banking regulations so banks can accept accounts from cannabis companies.

But they don’t have to base their vote on a candidate’s position on cannabis — because so many candidates are pro-cannabis, it’s a landslide from any perspective no matter who you vote for.

So just get out and vote. Early and often, as they say in Chicago.