Cannabis Stocks News Today

Lots of cannabis stocks news today. First a major institutional investor, Signition, bought into Aurora. Today Aurora’s five institutional investors add up to 8.8% of all shares, says the NASDAQ site. Aurora also just entered Portugal with an

Jeffries, an investment bank, initiated coverage of cannabis stocks.

Cannabis Stock News Today

South of the “Wall”

Also in cannabis stocks news today, Mexico’s legalization of recreational marijuana went into effect yesterday. This should benefit Aurora. And they are already doing well with over 1,000 pharmacies that sell CBD products, and are licensed to grow cannabis and to extract and export CBD. (It costs far less to do the later in Mexico and the rest of LATAM than elsewhere.)

Pharmacielo’s reverse merger was finalized.

Cannabis Stock News Today: Cresco Joins the Fray in the Hemp Wars

Cresco Labs launched a CBD subsidiary that will sell it products in all 50 states. This could make Cresco a hemp play as well as a bet on MSO dispensaries. And the state’s lieutenant governor cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of Cresco’s third dispensary in Pittsburgh and online ordering in western Pennsylvania. That opened yesterday.

Canntrust moved to the NYSE under a new ticker, CTNT. Stock dropped that day, which has been typical. It appears that Brochstein erred in saying Trulieve would move to the NYSE today. Never happened

The Hemp Wars Heat Up

SOL Global formed international hemp company Heavenly Rx. This outfit says they were major supporters of the Farm Bill, which legalized hemp and hemp oil. Now they’re making a move to make money off it. SOL just plunked down 30.6 million in a Tennessee hemp/CBD company, Bluhen Botanicals.

The Fox Strikes Again

Vicente Fox joined the board of a third cannabis company, Helix. Fox already served on the boards of High Times magazine and Khiron. That’s known as an interlocking directorate. (In Spanish, the word for fox is “zorro.”)

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